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Hobo Nickels/Coin carvings

'Owl' Hobo nickel carving 1aa 'Owl' Hobo nickel carving 2a

The art of altering coins is an old one, originating in the United States of America. Hobo nickels, both old and new ones, are real collector’s items.

I am a member of the Original Hobo Nickel Society (#1324). If I have nickels for sale, they can be found on my eBay vendor’s account, HPSculptures. If you are interested in having a nickel created on commission, you can contact me.

The hobo nickels in the gallery below are all made by me and no longer available for sale (press F5 or refresh this page to generate a new selection of nickels in the gallery, or view the whole gallery on flickr).

For my other engravings in metal, click here.

– Paul

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