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Paul Holbrecht, born 2 June 1964 in East-Flanders, Belgium. Grew up in Lebbeke, moved to Zottegem and has been living in the beautiful Flemish Ardennes since 1989.

A few words by the artist:

“I’ve been fascinated by the arts & crafts since my early childhood. Mostly I was drawing, crafting, customize (or repair) my bicycle, try out some stunts. I loved hiking, our local youth movement, fishing, … briefly: adventure. Everything except for sitting still at a school bench for days, interested me. I still consider this as the most normal behavior in a youngster’s world.

I also loved spending time on demounting and dissecting several worn off objects, through which, according to me, one obtains insights faster than through any other way. Above all I admired the one thing that, to me, is almighty: Mother Nature’s wildlife & fauna. Is there any greater work of art?

During my life I have tried many different art & craft media & material: from drawing (lettering, pencil/pen-drawing, invitations, birth cards, …), posters & T-shirts design, painting on all types of surfaces, engraving & carving metal, glass & stone, tattooing & and designing tattoos (10 years experience in my own tattoo studio), wood & stone sculpting… There’s new things to learn every day.”