31st Jan 2016

‘Sentinels M.C. Nomad Crew’ hand engraved H-D derby cover

                   Hand engraved on commission for a member of the ‘Sentinels M.C., the French Military Motorcycle Club. This piece is not available.

31st Jan 2016

‘Primal Perception’ Basalt stone sculpture

                         Sculpted in Basalt: a dark-colored, fine-grained, igneous rock composed mainly of plagioclase and pyroxene minerals. It most commonly forms as an...

30th Jan 2016

‘North-east Cobra’ hand engraved bronze tattoo machine frame, casting by Mr. Larry Hanks

Especially for engraving I purchased this cool, bronze North-East Cobra tattoo machine frame, casted by Mr. Larry Hanks from Nevada, USA. It’s the perfect canvas for some cool cobra scales...

30th Jan 2016

‘Ride Free’ hand engraved Harley-Davidson Sportster derby cover

Relief, hand engraved in a used H-D Sportster derby cover (aluminium). This unique piece is for sale! Price: €450,- used blank part inclusive (shipping not included). Please note: I never...

‘Heart & Arrow’ coin carving, love-themed token/pendant

Oldschool love symbol, made to wear as a pendant. Hand carved in a 1978 French 10 francs coin (nickel/brass). Available for €200,- (shipping not included)  

‘Skulled Homer the Greek Poet’ Hobo nickel-coin carving

Hand carved in a 1988 Greek 50 Drachmes coin (nickel/brass). In private collection.

‘Skulled Washington’ Hobo nickel-coin carving

Hand carved in a 1998 USA Washington bi-metal (clad) Quarter $. In private collection.

30th Jan 2016

‘Joker’s Wild’ Hobo Nickel-coin carving

  Hand carved in a 1937 USA Buffalo 5 cents nickel