08th Nov 2013

Dr. Frankenstein’s monster

One of a kind, hand carved silver 1964 Washington Quarter $

02nd Nov 2013

Some more Hobo nickels

Some more Hobo nickels like Dizzie the Cowboy, the Cafe Racer, Vinnie the mob-bookmaker, Miss Maples and the Starving Hobo!

09th Aug 2013

“The Wanderer”

“The Wanderer”, my latest hobo nickel on a 1923 USA Buffalo coin.

02nd Aug 2013

New hobo nickels

Here you can see a few of my latest hobo nickels. None of them are still available since they have all been auctioned off on eBay. So, if you are...

31st May 2013

Hobo nickel Skull ‘n’ Hat

My latest hobo nickel Skull ‘n’ Hat, is a 1929 American Buffalo nickel.

23rd Apr 2013

Hobo nickels

As of late I’ve been working on hobo nickels (among other things). For those who aren’t familiar with the tradition and are interested in learning more, I suggest you read...