06th Dec 2017

Vintage Rolex Submariner wristwatch back engraving.

  Hard to engrave: Rolex Submariner watch back, stainless 904L steel. Family crest bat, with name lettering underneath. (visible scratches & pits due to normal wear).

28th Jan 2017

‘Mountain Lion Cub’ Hobo nickel/coin carving.

Hand carved in a vintage (full date) U.S.A. Buffalo 5 cents nickel.

12th Feb 2016

‘SkullRing’, re-carved old sterling silver ring

Re-carving/restoration of the customer’s old sterling silver skullring

30th Jan 2016

‘Heart & Arrow’ coin carving, love-themed token/pendant

Hand carved love symbol/pendant in a 1978 French 10 francs coin (nickel/brass). Sold.  

30th Jan 2016

‘Skulled Homer the Greek Poet’ Hobo nickel-coin carving

Hand carved in a 1988 Greek 50 Drachmes coin (nickel/brass)

30th Jan 2016

‘Vintage Racer’ Hobo Nickel-coin carving

Hand carved in a 1936 USA Buffalo 5 cents nickel