Sculptor Engraver All-round artist


Unique stone, metal and wood sculptures – independent creations and on commission.


Custom hand engravings in motorcycle parts, hobo nickles, custom knives, jewellery and other metal objects.

All-round artist

Scrimshaw in pre-ban Ivory, tusk and bone, carvings in all natural materials, drawings and paintings, tattoo designs.

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I discovered that Gmail has been systematically categorizing a lot of the mails sent to me through this website as spam. The problem has now been solved, so if you...

13th Jan 2013

“Duality” – new sculpture

My latest stone sculpture is carved out of Finnish ‘Mammutti’ soapstone, fixed on a Belgian blue stone base. Size: 36 x 32 x 7 cm. (base plate 33 x 20...

26th Dec 2012

‘Ride or Die’ relief engraved Harley-Davidson derby cover

This aluminium Harley-Davidson derby cover is entirely relief-hand engraved. It’s a unique piece with a one of a kind design. 5 holes, diameter ca. 20 cm or 7.9″. Fits on...

27th Sep 2012

“Good Luck” hand engraved horseshoe

Hand engraved, (used) horseshoe from the quality brand Royal Kerckhaert. This is a unique, one of a kind artwork, totally hand made by me. I never make the same design...

27th Sep 2012

“Choppers Forever” engraved Harley-Davidson derby cover

Being a motorcycle enthusiast since my early childhood and having learnt the art of hand engraving for the past 2.5 years, it’s time to translate my drawing & sculpting skills...

08th Aug 2012
Skull & Bones

New scrimshaw Skull & Bones in camel bone

16th Jun 2012

New scrimshaw – Tiger face fragment

I finished a new scrimshaw of a tiger on pre-ban ivory.   You can see more of my work in the¬†scrimshaw section. I hope you like it! If you are...

29th May 2012


I am happy to welcome you to my brand new website! Feel free to take a look around. I am currently working on metal engravings, stone sculptures and scrimshaw. If...