Sculptor Engraver All-round artist


Unique stone, metal and wood sculptures – independent creations and on commission.


Custom hand engravings in motorcycle parts, hobo nickles, custom knives, jewellery and other metal objects.

All-round artist

Scrimshaw in pre-ban Ivory, tusk and bone, carvings in all natural materials, drawings and paintings, tattoo designs.

03rd Jan 2014

Pirate’s Grave

Hand carved hobo nickel on a 1937 USA Buffalo coin

29th Dec 2013

Engraved Folding Knife

Folding Knife with hand engraved (stainless steel) bolster

29th Dec 2013
On a H-D derby Twincam cover 9

Motorcycle engraving Motorslug

One of a kind hand engraved Harley-Davidson derby cover

08th Nov 2013

Born to be Wild

One of a kind hand engraved Harley-Davidson Twincam derby cover

08th Nov 2013

Dr. Frankenstein’s monster

One of a kind, hand carved silver 1964 Washington Quarter $

02nd Nov 2013

Some more Hobo nickels

Some more Hobo nickels like Dizzie the Cowboy, the Cafe Racer, Vinnie the mob-bookmaker, Miss Maples and the Starving Hobo!

17th Aug 2013

Beautiful flower pendant in alternative ivory

This is my latest work: a unique flower pendant made in alternative ivory. It’s a one of a kind handmade carving. Alternative ivory is a material especially developed as an...

09th Aug 2013

“The Wanderer”

“The Wanderer”, my latest hobo nickel on a 1923 USA Buffalo coin.