Sculptor Engraver All-round artist


Unique stone, metal and wood sculptures – independent creations and on commission.


Custom hand engravings in motorcycle parts, hobo nickles, custom knives, jewellery and other metal objects.

All-round artist

Scrimshaw in pre-ban Ivory, tusk and bone, carvings in all natural materials, drawings and paintings, tattoo designs.

30th Jan 2016

‘Vintage Racer’ Hobo Nickel-coin carving

Hand carved in a 1936 USA Buffalo 5 cents nickel

30th Jan 2016

Engraved steel ‘Sailor Jerry’ styled tattoo machine frame

I always loved oldschool coil tattoo machines, the early set ups that remind me of ‘Good Ol’time’ artists like Sailor Jerry developed & used. Mostly build with steel or bronze...

01st Feb 2015

“Better go see the Doctor” Hobo nickel

One of a kind, relief carving in a modern 2007 USA Jefferson/Monticello 5 cents coin

01st Feb 2015

“Wizard from outer space” Hobo nickel

One of a kind, relief carving in a 1937 USA Buffalo 5 cents nickel (with bronze inlayed face & brass overlayed bonnet)

01st Feb 2015

“Ride Free” clad/sandwich coin carving

One of a kind, relief carving in a 1965 Washington Quarter $ (bi-metal coin with brass inlayed headlight)

01st Feb 2015

“The Captain” Hobo nickel/coin carving

One of a kind, relief carved 1936 USA Buffalo 5 cents nickel (with brass inlayed tooth)

01st Feb 2015

“Kiwi Dog Bones” logo on an aluminium dice for chopper gascap.

This massive aluminium dice is a custom made piece made by ‘Kiwi Dog Bones’ (Alexander Verwilst, Sluis Nl.) Especially created & engraved to mount on a chopper’s gascap.

01st Feb 2015

“One.Day” Engraved H-D Sportster derby cover

Native American styled design, created on demand with banner text “One.Day” (which is a part of the customer’s deceased mother’s e-mail address)