12th Feb 2016

‘SkullRing’, re-carved old sterling silver ring

Re-carving/restoration of the customer’s old sterling silver skullring

12th Feb 2016

‘Bat’ hand carved silver coin/pendant

Hand carved in a 1964 USA Silver Kennedy Half $

31st Jan 2016

‘Devil’s Horns’ coin carving/pendant

                       Hand carved in a bi-metal 1990 French 10 francs coin (Bi-metallic Nickel center in Aluminium-bronze ring), drilled hole to use...

30th Jan 2016

‘Heart & Arrow’ coin carving, love-themed token/pendant

Hand carved love symbol/pendant in a 1978 French 10 francs coin (nickel/brass). Sold.  

19th Jan 2014

Watch Out

‘Watch Out’ on a 1965 Washington Quarter $ (clad coin)

17th Aug 2013

Beautiful flower pendant in alternative ivory

This is my latest work: a unique flower pendant made in alternative ivory. It’s a one of a kind handmade carving. Alternative ivory is a material especially developed as an...