Sculptor Engraver All-round artist


Unique stone, metal and wood sculptures – independent creations and on commission.


Custom hand engravings in motorcycle parts, hobo nickles, custom knives, jewellery and other metal objects.

All-round artist

Scrimshaw in pre-ban Ivory, tusk and bone, carvings in all natural materials, drawings and paintings, tattoo designs.

06th Dec 2017

H-D Sportster XR750 derby cover engraving.

Hand engraved in an aluminium derby cover, family crest themed ‘Bat-woman’ with banner & motto.

06th Dec 2017

Vintage Rolex Submariner wristwatch back engraving.

  Hard to engrave: Rolex Submariner watch back, stainless 904L steel. Family crest bat, with name lettering underneath. (visible scratches & pits due to normal wear).

06th Feb 2017

‘A Rose For The Queen’ Hobo nickel/coin carving.

Hand carved in a 1961 Elisabeth II British Florin (copper-nickel). Diameter: 28 mm, thickness: 2.5 mm.

06th Feb 2017

Me & my work featured in ‘Duro Rider Gazette’ motorcycle magazine: Issue 6.

It’s a great honor to have a feature article in ‘Duro Rider Gazette’ online Motorcycle Magazine’

28th Jan 2017

‘Mountain Lion Cub’ Hobo nickel/coin carving.

Hand carved in a vintage (full date) U.S.A. Buffalo 5 cents nickel.

28th Jan 2017

‘Owl’ Hobo nickel/coin carving

Hand carved in a vintage (full date) U.S.A. Buffalo 5 cents nickel.

26th Jan 2017

‘U.S.M.C. & Devil Dog II’ relief engraved in a H-D derby cover

Hand engraved aluminium Harley-Davidson derby(clutch) cover, made on commission for a USMC-Marine’s motorcycle. Each engraved piece is created on demand, one of a kind designs only. I can make a...

27th Sep 2016


    Sculpture made of French limestone Bois Doré/Beauvillon Rubané Fixed on a Belgian bluestone base Size: 165x25x18 cm. Price: €4500 (all prices are netto: shipping not included)