Custom knife relief engraving Engraver Scrimshander Sculptor Artist

Custom knife relief engraving

Relief engraving in stainless steel knife handles & bolsters


One of a kind hand engravings in motorcycle parts, custom knives, jewellery


Unique, hand-made scrimshaw designs in pre-ban Ivory and bone


Stone and wood sculptures with an original design


Sculpting & lettering in stone, stone and bone hand carved pendants, illustrations: a lifetime of experience

27th Sep 2016


    Sculpture made of French limestone Bois Doré/Beauvillon Rubané Fixed on a Belgian bluestone base Size: 165x25x18 cm. Price: €4500 (all prices are netto: shipping not included)

12th Feb 2016
'Baby Elephant' Hobo nickel 1a

‘Baby Elephant’ Hobo nickel/coin carving

Hand carved in a 1937 USA Buffalo 5 cents nickel

12th Feb 2016
Skull ring Henri-Pierre (after) 5

‘SkullRing’, re-carved old sterling silver ring

Re-carving/restoration of the customer’s old sterling silver skullring

12th Feb 2016
'The Brave Knight' Hobo nickel 1a.a

‘The Brave Knight’ Hobo nickel/coin carving

Hand carved in a 1937 USA Buffalo 5 cents nickel

12th Feb 2016
'Bat' carveing in a silver USA 1964 (Kennedy silver half $) 1a

‘Bat’ hand carved silver coin/pendant

Hand carved in a 1964 USA Silver Kennedy Half $

09th Feb 2016
'The Warrior' Hobo nickel-coin carving 1936 USA Buffalo 5 cents 1aa

‘The Warrior’ Hobo nickel/coin carving

Hand carved in a 1936 USA Buffalo 5 cents nickel

09th Feb 2016
'Skulled 1974 French 5 francs coin' 1

‘Skulled French 5 francs’ coin carving

Hand carved in a 1974 French 5 francs coin (copper-nickel)

31st Jan 2016
Devil Horns 'Mano Cornuto' carving in 10 French francs coin (1)

‘Devil’s Horns’ coin carving/pendant

                       Hand carved in a bi-metal 1990 French 10 francs coin (Bi-metallic Nickel center in Aluminium-bronze ring), drilled hole to use...

31st Jan 2016
'Sentinels MC' Dirk finished 1

‘Sentinels M.C. Nomad Crew’ hand engraved H-D derby cover

                   Hand engraved on commission for a member of the ‘Sentinels M.C., the French Military Motorcycle Club. This piece is not available.

31st Jan 2016
'Primal Perception' Basalt hardstone 1

‘Primal Perception’ Basalt stone sculpture

                         Sculpted in Basalt: a dark-colored, fine-grained, igneous rock composed mainly of plagioclase and pyroxene minerals. It most commonly forms as an...